Our Legacy: A Journey of Excellence

Arya’s Collection, is one of the leading diamond jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers in North America. A DTC Sight holder since 1971, based out of NY, Arya’s Collection has manufacturing facilities in various areas such as the United States, Mexico, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Its products categories include diamond fashion & diamond bridal jewelry made in 14KT, 18KT Gold as well as platinum.

Inspired by New York, Loved Worldwide

The energy of New York City courses through our veins, inspiring designs that are as diverse as the city itself. Arya’s Collection celebrates the spirit of the city that never sleeps – bold, dynamic, and always in motion. From classic solitaires to intricate clusters, our creations mirror the city’s fusion of cultures and styles, offering a piece for every chapter of your story.

Ethical Values, Ethereal Beauty

As stewards of nature’s most precious treasures, we uphold ethical practices with unwavering dedication. Our commitment to responsibly sourced diamonds is a reflection of our respect for the Earth and the communities we touch. We believe in crafting beauty with integrity, ensuring that every piece you wear is a symbol of both elegance and ethical values.